Fariddy Yunis





“I adore living. I adore this life. I adore every day of my life”

Fariddy Yunis – Author, Writer, Inspirational Speaker

Fariddy loves helping people to renew their passion for life by experiencing gratitude, positive attitude, better fitness, so that they can feel great about themselves and live life to the fullest.

Fariddy’s favorite saying, ‘Life is made of moments’

“We know that life is short and that nothing lasts forever, and to live without doing what we like doing is a wasted life. For this reason, I can help you to enjoy every moment of life doing what we really want to do.

Thanks to God, I can say that this simple way of seeing and living has helped me to live in a particular way, in a way that many people ask me what the secret is to my positive attitude toward life.

My answer is simple – Life is made of moments – that is the reason for me: The present moment is all we will ever have. Every moment is special. Every moment I love being alive, I love the opportunities of life, and I love to receive the miracles of life.”

Her inspirational books

A Full and Complete Life – Daily Practices to Transform your Life and Renew your Passion for Life have helped many people from around the world to live life to their fullest just following some simple but very important daily practices.

“I have always felt connected with God, with the power of love, with something supreme and superior that protects and shelters me. This connection has allowed me to feel the love and the beauty of life. It has allowed me to see the greatness of the Universe. Many people may think that God doesn’t exist. Perhaps for them, it is true. But for me, God is everything in life. God is the force that drives me to carry out my wishes. God is the energy I feel every day that I live. God is the vitality to complete my tasks. God is the divine connection between my heart and the people I love. God is the strength of my life.” Fariddy Yunis