Sing from Your Heart

Start your day singing! Feel the pleasure of waking up listening to your own song. Sing with gratitude and joy. When you sing, you enchant.

Sing happy songs, sing tender songs, sing high or low, sing in tune or out of tune – who cares?

Sing in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening – all day if you want to.

Sing songs that make you smile. Send blissful messages to the world. ‘Music reveals the words of the heart, and the harmony of the sounds, which are the hidden beauty of the world.’

I adore singing when I wake up, when I have a shower, when I walk, when I cook. I sing almost all day. Singing makes me feel alive, free, happy, and connected to my soul.

What a wonderful gift to have musicians and singers who enchant us with their songs full of love, joy, passion, and tenderness.

Music is a great therapy. Music fills our minds and our spirit with peace, and joy.

Do you know that singing and listening to music stimulates the area of the brain that regulates pleasure? Singing, whistling or just humming a song has an instant positive effect on us. Singing or listening to music also helps to reduce and eliminate tension and stress.

Singing is without doubt one of the joys of a full and complete life. However, there are certain occasions when the inner silence is as beneficial as singing. Depending on the situation, sometimes it is comforting just to be in silence.

Silence has the magical power to fill us with peace. It transforms into a melody for our souls. If you can, sit close to a mountain, or on a quiet beach, or in the middle of a forest. On these occasions, the silence will be your symphony. It will leave your body relaxed and it will calm your mind. You will feel the present moment in your soul.

We know that it is not easy to listen to the silence when we live in noisy cities. But certainly, if we are in peace and in harmony with life, even in noisy moments, we can hear and feel the melody of silence – or if we prefer, the melody of our own song.

Sing and enchant yourself. If you prefer, you can whistle or hum the music that makes you feel happy.

Feel the sparks of joy when you sing!

I sing with joy,
I sing with harmony.
I sing with love,
I sing every day.