The key for a full and complete life is having a positive attitude toward life,
especially in difficult times when it seems that things are not going as we wish; times when we feel frustrated, stressed and hopeless. At those moments we must remember that every experience is temporary, and that time will help us to recover. Life doesn’t stop. Let’s not stop enjoying our lives.

The beauty of living is to find our own way to confront and resolve our challenges. The beauty of living is to see our problems in their true dimension, and not see them as impossible to solve. Many times, problems are needed to change or improve our understanding of ourselves, others, and to understand the world.

Everybody goes through ups and downs in life. However, these experiences, no matter how difficult they seem, are needed for us to grow and develop as human beings. In everything there is a divine purpose, and one day, the sad or painful experiences will eventually be in the past, and the reasons for those will have been revealed. It is important to accept that we want to move forward, and to wish to feel good in doing so.

All disadvantages bring an equal or larger advantage” – An interesting anecdote about disadvantages is the story of a farmer and his young son. All they had was a horse. One day, the horse ran away and disappeared. The neighbours were afflicted by the bad luck of the farmer. Within a week, the horse returned followed by twenty wild horses. The neighbours were happy for the luck of the farmer, until the day when the farmer’s son was riding with the wild horses and fell and broke his leg. That was bad luck again, except that soon after the accident soldiers appeared in town, taking all the strong and healthy young men to fight in a terrible war. They didn’t take the farmer’s son.

The lesson of this story is that we should pay attention to the fact that inside each gift of life, we might find some disadvantages, and in disadvantages we might receive a gift from life. We might discover that all our problems and discouragements are opportunities in disguise.

Seeing life in an optimistic way helps us to feel happy, healthy and beautiful. I am not talking about physical beauty, I mean inner beauty, the beauty that we have inside our hearts when it is full of love.

An optimistic person is a star everywhere. They make us smile simply by their presence. On the other hand, no one likes to be around negative people, people who moan and complain. Enthusiasm makes a difference, believe me! Stay away from pessimists because, like happiness, unhappiness is contagious.

It is easy to find yourself in places where people use their time to talk badly about everybody. When you hear people criticising and judging others, change the subject, ask them to tell you something positive, or simply don’t respond. Criticism is a vicious cycle born out of insecurity. These people are only focusing on comparing others whilst wasting their precious moments that should be filled with happiness, love and positivity.

It is your decision to become someone special, someone to whom everyone wishes to be near. Today is the day for you to shine in your positive attitude!

Today is the best day of my life.
Today is my day of complete realisation.
Miracles will follow miracles
and wonders will never cease.